Thursday, September 20, 2007

Videos: Senate Hearing on the Economic Issues of the JPEPA, 20 Sept. 2007

Atty. Golda Benjamin, Legal Counsel, Magkaisa Junk JPEPA Coalition:

"This is not a college project where i can do chapter one and you can do chapter two. This is a mega treaty which will define part of our future, part of the course of this nation."

Video by Marnie Dolera/GAIA-EcoWaste Coalition.

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, Chair, Committee on Foreign Affairs:

"I will not be able to defend this on the Senate floor because you're not giving me enough arguments. If you think this is tough, you should watch the Senate debate. If I find it impossible to defend the Senate on the basis of your statements, then, as Chair, I will be compelled to defer filing my committee report. In other words, the treaty will be dead."

Video by Marnie Dolera/GAIA-EcoWaste Coalition.

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