Friday, October 5, 2007

Filipino Nurses are NOT FOR SALE!


The JPEPA is an assault against the dignity and freedom of the Filipino people. Our negotiators have bargained away our future for the sake of speculative promises and uncertain gains.

Today, the JPEPA is currently being heard at the Senate. Pursuant to the Constitution, the Senators can only cast a YES or a NO vote for this treaty. The Senate cannot make amendments or modifications. They can either accept it or reject it, as a whole.

For the Filipino nurses, considered to be among the best in the world, our Philippine negotiators for the JPEPA are offering to send them to Japan as nurse trainees instead of professional nurses.

While nurses from Indonesia, with their 3-year nursing course, are required only 2 years of work experience, our Philippine negotiators agreed to the requirement of 3 years of work experience for our nurses who undergo 4 years of nursing education and who must pass the Philippines’ own national licensure exam. Nurses from Indonesia do not need to pass their own national licensure exam for them to work in Japan.



(Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement)


(Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement)

Who is a qualified nurse under the agreement with Japan?

1. 4-year nursing education

passed own national licensure exam

1. Diploma III nurse: 3-year professional education OR having graduated from a faculty of nursing of a university in Indonesia

2. no need for own national licensure exam

Pre-entry to Japan

3 years work experience as a nurse

2 years work experience as a nurse

Filipino caregivers are not for SALE!

The Filipino caregivers are now one of the best in the world. Countries like Canada and Israel trust their skill and value their compassion. With the JPEPA, our Philippine negotiators created illusory markets for our caregivers.

It is insulting for them to simply assert that: “Kung ayaw nila nito, eh di wag nila tanggapin.” (If they don’t want this, then they’re not forced to accept it.) The job of a Filipino negotiator is to get the best deal for the Filipinos. To provide our care givers with REAL CHOICES.

JPEPA Requirements



Pre-entry requirements

a. have a bachelor’s degree

(from an institution where the minimum period required for graduation is 4 years)

b. certified as a caregiver by the Government of the Philippines


Requirement II:

Natural person who graduated from a nursing school

Minimum requirement

a. High school diploma

b. certification as a qualified caregiver

Minimum Requirement

a. High School diploma

b. certification as a qualified caregiver

This is an unfair deal. This is not a real opportunity. This is an insult.

Uphold the dignity of the Filipino caregivers.

The Senators of the Republic of the Philippines will defend the Filipino caregivers.


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