Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Act of National Betrayal: Senate Approves JPEPA

In an act of national betrayal, sixteen so-called representatives of the people voted to approve the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement.

Sixteen votes to approve the JPEPA. Sixteen votes to sell the Filipino people’s freedom, dignity, and future. Sixteen votes that said:

  • a treaty that is admittedly weak and badly negotiated is good enough for the Filipino people
  • it is correct to violate Philippine laws and the Constitution to accommodate the requests of the powerful and rich nation, Japan
  • it is correct to accept that Filipino nurses can be discriminated against
  • it is correct to allow a rich nation like Japan to protect its fishermen and farmers while Philippine negotiators abandoned them.
  • it is correct to say that the Filipino is not good enough to be protected and defended.

In the midst of financial turmoil, countries are fighting to protect their own people, uphold national interest, and ensure that the lives and livelihood of their citizens are defended according to the demands not only of law but of basic demands of justice and human rights.

On the Senate floor, only four rightful representatives of the people voted to stand up for the Filipino, with the Filipinos. These are today’s heroes: Senator Jamby Madrigal, Senator Chiz Escudero, Senator Noynoy Aquino, and Senator Nene Pimentel. They did what they swore to do: serve the Filipino people.

We, the members of the Magkaisa JUNK JPEPA Coalition, are enraged by this shameful act performed on the floors of the Senate. The fight for this nation cannot be made to end in their bloodied hands. These sixteen people cannot take part in the determination of this country’s future. Never again shall we allow cast our vote to call them leaders.

We will march on and invoke the wisdom of the highest court of the land.

We refuse to mourn for this act against the people. We choose not to be defeated. We choose to fight against any and all attempts to sell this proud nation and its people to the highest bidder.

We call on every Filipino to join us in our continuing struggle and NOT to forget the injustice that these 16 Senators did today.

Para sa Pilipas.Para sa Pilipino.

Magkaisa JUNK JPEPA.

- Magkaisa JUNK JPEPA Coalition


joy said...

i can't believe they do this, it's treason to a highest degree...

malayang_agila said...

The 16 representatives who voted FOR the JPEPA agreement is a disgrace. They should be ashamed of what they did and betrayed the filipinos. They may be elected by the people but the law is for the people, they do not have the right to represent filipinos. JAPAN should ask the people if we are against or agree and they owe us an apology for disrespecting our country. These representatives do not represent me. Never again will a filipino bow down to any kind of foreigner. Filipinos are not stupid to fall for these kind of agreements.